Slicers’ Safety Holder


This Slicers’ safety holder  is the essential helper for cutting fruits and vegetables safely on any Cookjeny/mandoline slicer.

You can fearlessly cut the entire fruit or vegetable just by nailing it inside the safety holder and pushing the top button. Moves from top to bottom on all cutting accessories in the range.

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The CookJeny Slicers’ Safety Holder holds your fruits and vegetables while you cut with your grater. The stainless steel rods hold the fruit in place; the safety pusher allows for safe cutting and slicing. It allows you to use the food up to its end. No more waste!

The Slicers’ Safety Holder provides an optimal grip and protects fingers from sharp blades. Easy to use and clean, just rinse with clear water after use.




BPA-free polypropylene.
Natural food colorings do not deteriorate the material.
Stainless steel rods.


It may be hand washed.


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