SET of 5 Flower Power Hook L

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SET of 5 Flower Power Hook L:

CookJeny’s Flower Power Hook is made up of a patented, exceptional and efficient suction system.

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Set of 5 Flower Power Hook L:

Features and design:

CookJeny’s Flower Power Hook L is made up of a patented suction system. Fits on any smooth and clean surface such as stainless steel, tiles, solid wood, plastic etc.

Exceptional and efficient duration.


When changing the location where the suction cup is being used, it should be placed in hot water (80C°) for approximately 10 minutes and allowed to dry naturally in order to recover its original state.


Orange, Yellow, Turquoise, Blue, Purple, Rose, Black, White


ABS and silicone suction cup


Vertical load up to 8kg


9 x 6,5 x 2,5cm


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From: 29.50 From: 26.50