SET of 2 Collapsible Strainers (Large and Small)


SET of 2 Collapsible Strainers (Large and Small). For washing and draining, they allow you to cook any food in boiling water, steam, or can even be used for frying.

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SET of 2 collapsible strainers (Large and Small):

Features and design:

The CookJeny Silicone Collapsible Strainer (Small or Large) is the ideal utensil for washing and draining fruits, vegetables or various side dishes.

Being made of silicone, it has a non-stick effect, its folding format allows you to store it without taking up too much storage space.

Its contour and side handles are reinforced in stainless steel, facilitating transport and handling.

Resistant up to 280°C:

1- The strainer can be dipped in a pot (the small one for 18cm pots and the large one for 24cm pots) in boiling water, allowing you to cook any food (eg vegetables, fish, eggs etc.).

2- Being Foldable, the drying rack is a great utensil for steaming food.

3- The strainer can also be used to fry food. The strainer must be placed in a pot adapted to the size (18 cm or 24 cm), with oil.

Maximum and minimum temperatures:

The Collapsible Strainer is prepared to withstand temperatures between -40Cº in the freezer and 280Cº.


It can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.


Available in two sizes: Small and Large


Orange, Green, Turquoise, Purple, Rose, Black


100% food grade platinum silicone, certified by German LFGB and American FDA standards (BPA free).


Inside/outside: 28/19 cm
Height: 10/3.5 cm

Inside/outside: 28/19 cm
Height: 10/3.5 cm


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