Garni peeler


The Garni Peeler can be used easily by right- as well as left-handers. Serrated blade for fruits and vegetables with very thin skin such as tomato, kiwi, peach.

The straight peeler with the swiveling stainless steel serrated blade sharpened on both sides. It has a built-in potato eye/imperfections remover, an orange peeler, a sharp angled edge at the bottom for cutting grooves and a V-shaped cutter for garnish.

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  • Function and design

This Garni peeler has a micro-toothed stainless steel blade for thin-skinned fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, kiwis, peaches. It allows several cutting options. Economical, the garnished peeler removes only the necessary thickness of skin, without excess food residue.

Its ergonomic structure is practical and light for an effortless peeling. You’ll appreciate the soft, non-slip handle for total control and comfort even with wet hands. It is oil and vinegar resistant.

  • Cleaning

The garni peeler can be easily cleaned by rinsing it under clear water or in the dishwasher.




It may be hand washed or placed in the dishwasher.


Stainless steel.


BPA-free polypropylene.
Natural food colorings do not deteriorate the material.


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