Double headed mellon baller


Cookjeny stainless steel Double Headed Mellon Baller, for cantaloupes or watermelons. A utensil with two sizes of hemispherical stainless steel scoops. Perfect for preparing fruit salads. It is also used for tomato and eggplant for filling and side dishes /garnishes.

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  • Function & design

This double headed mellon baller is a utensil used to scoop fruits or vegetables and obtain different size balls thanks to a different diameter mold on each side of the handle. It can also be used to make apple, watermelon, potato, melon balls etc. Ideal for original and colorful aperitifs and fruit salads.

This double headed mellon baller has two stainless steel half-spheres (between 5 mm and 3 cm) that allow you to hollow out the fruit or vegetable to make a ball, to adapt to all your recipes, savory or sweet.

Ergonomic, this double-sided melon scoop has a practical handle for a better grip.

  • Cleaning

The double headed mellon baller is easy to clean under water or in the dishwasher




BPA-free polypropylene.
Natural food colorings do not deteriorate the material.
Stainless steel spoon.


It may be hand washed or placed in the dishwasher.


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