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  • Spill Stopper

Cook at your leisure, no added pressure! The Cook Flower is suitable for any type of cooking in which the boiling liquid may have a tendency to build up a foam and thus spill over. The Cook Flower provides an air-tight cover to the cooking pot, forcing the excess foam to stay around the flower petals, and thus preventing any type of spilling.

  • Steam Cooking:

By using the Cook Flower, it’s so easy to steam cook! Boil water in a pot, place the Cook Flower over it and then put the food you intend to cook directly on top of the Cook Flower. Cover the food with a lid (the one belonging to the pot itself) and wait 10/15 minutes. In a short while you will have a healthy meal which preserves all the vitamins and mineral salts of your food.

  • Anti-Splatter in the frying pan:

The Cook Flower is the best possible protection against splatter when frying or grilling. When cooking implies small splatters, such as grilling or sautéing, place the Cook Flower over the frying pan, after removing the flower petals. This allows the air to circulate, and you can grill without splattering. When cooking implies major splatters, such as frying, turn the Cook Flower upside down and place it over the frying pan. The splatters will stay inside the Cook Flower and not spill out.

  • Anti-Splatter in the oven:

The Cook Flower is resistant to temperatures of up to 230ºC (max. 300ºC for short time periods) and can be used to protect against splattering in the oven. Place it upside down over the casserole you intend to use in the oven. By inverting its position, you are allowing the air to flow and cook without splattering.

  • Anti-Splatter in the microwave:

In order to use the Cook Flower in the microwave, remove the flower petals, turn the lid upside down, stick the petals on the top of the lid and put it over the container with the food you intend to heat in the microwave.

  • A Versatile Flower:

It can be adapted to any cooking pot! The Cook Flower is special: it is made of silicone and is available in five sizes. This means that it simply turns into an air-tight cover for any type or size of cooking pot you may have ranging from 7 to 30cm.

  • Instructions for Use:

Wash with warm water before first use. Place over the centre of the pot before starting cooking. The Cook Flower has to be at least 2 cm larger tan the pot. Foam or liquid boiling up will stay within the flower petals and drain back into the pot.

  • Precautions:

As long as the flower petals are open, don’t remove the Cook Flower from the pot.

  • Recommendations:

Remove the pot from the hob or turn down the temperatura before lifting the lid, otherwise the hot steam can escape.

  • Maximum and minimum temperatures:

Do not be afraid! The Cook Flower is ready to withstand temperatures ranging from -60º to 230º, or even 300º for short time periods.

  • Washing:

The choice is yours: The Cook Flower can be hand washed or simply put in the dish washer.


XXS, XS, S, M, L


XXS: 70 gr
XS: 170 gr
S: 210 gr
M: 280 gr
L: 350 gr


Beige, Copper, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Purple, Rose, Transparent, Black




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From: 12.90