Combi French Fries Cutter


With the Cookjeny Combi French Fries Cutter, you can obtain sticks and chopped fine or thick fruit and vegetables. Safely with the safety pusher: Potato, cucumber, carrot, apple sticks, etc.

Suitable cutting size for traditional fried potatoes (without the red component). Ideal kitchen tool for homemade potato sticks (with the red component on).

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The CookJeny Combi French fries cutter allows you to cut vegetables and fruits in 4 different ways, with speed, precision and safety.

It includes a cutting plate (fries and vegetable squares) and a safety pusher to protect your fingers from sharp blades. So, by simply adding the plate, you can cut your fries, your vegetable squares (small and large) according to your taste (onions, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, mushrooms).

You can cut your vegetables without any leftovers and appreciate its ergonomic handling. The Combi French fries cutter has a revolutionary design with its ergonomic curves;

  • Easy to use handheld device.
  • Thick cubes for gardeners, Russian salad, sangria, gazpacho, mountain salad, potato, apple, cucumber, tomato, etc. Chopping onion becomes a pleasure, everything is done in seconds, easily and always perfectly.
  • Ergonomic, practical and light structure for effortless peeling.
  • The handle and the safety pusher allow you to cut.

Yellow and Red


BPA-free polypropylene.
Natural food colorings do not deteriorate the material.


Stainless steel.


It may be hand washed.


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