Adjustable Slicer


The CookJeny’s Adjustable Slicer with its extremely sharp stainless steel blade, it cuts vegetables and fruits into thin or thick slices, adding or removing the red component that determines the cutting thickness.

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The CookJeny’s Adjustable Slicer:

  • Allows you to cut thin or thick slices of fruit and vegetables, with the option of adjusting the slice thickness and in complete safety with the safety pusher.
  • The cutter consists of a cutting base and a safety pusher.
  • Cuts thicker or thinner slices of fruit and vegetables simply by screwing or unscrewing.
  • Cuts in both directions, reducing cutting time to half.
  • Ideal for potato slices for stew, apple slices for pie, tomato slices for salad etc.
  • Practical and lightweight structure for effortless peeling.
  • With the practical handle and the non-slip points at the bottom, the slicer remains stable during use.



BPA-free polypropylene.
Natural food colorings do not deteriorate the material.


Stainless steel.


It may be hand washed.


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